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Not Sure How To Build A High Converting Shopify Store?

Turn your business ideas into a professional dropshipping store with Startstorez. From designing your logo to adding products & setting up your whole dropshipping store

Need Expert Media Buyers To Run Your Ads?

Paid traffic is an incredibly effective way to grow your Ecommerce business.

When you’re paying for every click, you need to be sure that those clicks will lead to conversions. Our experienced media buyers will work with you to create the right strategy to engage the right audience, and squeeze the most out of your budget.

Or Just Need Pro Video Ads For Your Products?

We source clips from sites like Youtube, Google, Vimeo and Aliexpress, then edit them together with sales copy to make high converting ads. We have a high-converting formula we've proven on 400+ video ads for more than 300+ clients...

Ecom Accelerator 2.0

Do you want to get first hand-experience in Dropshipping & Ecommerce:

From product research that guarantees to find your first or next winner to ads that bring in hungry buyers to your Ecommerce website.

We've got you covered


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Founder's Message

My name is Omar Ali, aka @marketingomar and I've been in the Shopify Ecommerce and dropshipping game for about 4 years now.

I set up ROA Recipe to help the next generation of dropshippers (both new and old alike) smash it this year. I learnt from the original legends like Gabriel St-Germain, Charlie Brandt, VerumEcom and Arie Scherson, but with many of them going inactive these days or their strategies not working as well as they used too, ROA Recipe will get you up to speed quicker, with strategies for 2023 (not 2010).

With no better time than 2023 to get into Dropshipping and Ecommerce, than right now, let's make e-commerce better for everyone.

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